Brand Strategy

Good brands start with good strategy. What’s your positioning in your industry? What are your competitive advantages and who is your target market? Defining these and communicating them effectively is key setting you apart in your industry and providing value to your customer. I help people identify opportunities, market gaps and strategic fits for their brands.

Logo Design and Branding

Logo design and branding Ben Brush Design

I offer a strategy based full branding process that starts by defining your business goals, objectives and market fit. From there we craft the perfect identity to communicate your company values and build the brand you need to succeed.

Brand Audits

Brand Audit Nova Scotia

If you have a current brand but you’re not sure what it’s communicating, how it’s positioned or how effective it is I can help. Using my Brand Audit process I examine the landscape your brand is in and your positioning in it. I’ll consider the messaging you’re putting into the world and the perceptions your audience currently holds.


Package design, alcohol, marijuana, weed, beverages food

I’ve helped bring multiple products to market with clean effective package design. Some examples include Coldstream Clear Distillery, Aroma Maya Coffee, Kare Kombucha, Endeavour Nutrition and more. Good packaging helps get the attention of stores to carry your product and the customers to purchase it.

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