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Why you should let your designer handle the printing process for your business cards, letterhead, and packaging.

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Why you should let your designer handle the printing process for your business cards, letterhead, and packaging.

Lots of entrepreneurs and business owners work with designers to create graphics for them. That can be brand collateral like business cards and letterhead, advertising, brochures, signs and the list goes on. The design process is probably familiar. You send the brief and the designer sends you a proof, you iterate or refine the design and then you’re done. Makes sense right?

The next step is where things can get confusing. Often your designer will send you the finished ‘print files’ and your left to figure that process out. The print shop will want to know things like – is your file set up with full bleed? Is it in the correct color space? Offset or digital? Etc.

You can quickly end up feeling like a middleman between your designer and the printer. You find yourself trying to get answers to questions you don’t understand.

Ask your designer to handle the printing for you!

Most will be willing to take over the process. They’ll probably charge around the industry standard of 15% of the total print cost to facilitate. Here’s what you’ll get for your money.

Piece of mind – knowing that your print order will turn out as expected. No unexpected outcomes that can be costly.

Time – as a business owner your time is valuable. Spending less time deciphering and handling the printing process means you can focus on running your business!

Faster turnaround – if any issues come up that require technical answers or file changes they can be handled instantly by the designer and print house saving time.

Better pricing – your designer is familiar with all of the best print options. That means they can quickly find the best pricing options for your project. On top of that, they likely have relationships with their local printer who gives them preferred or industry pricing.

Next time you get to the end of a design process why not ask your designer if they’ll handle the printing?

Have a project you need help with? I’d be happy to hear from you. Contact me now!

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