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Package Design Case Study – Aroma Maya Coffee

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Package Design Case Study – Aroma Maya Coffee

Last year Sergio, the owner of Aroma Maya Coffee, hired me to redesign the packaging for their coffee bags. The current designs did the trick in the beginning but he wanted to make some changes. Sergio had a sense that they could be improved and wanted some input.  The design process started with getting some background about Aroma Maya and what sets them and their line of coffees apart from others.

Original Packaging

Through speaking with Sergio I learned the key differentiator of Aroma Maya coffee is the fact that all of the beans are sourced from his home country of Guatemala.

Guatemalan coffees are amongst the best coffees in the world. With over 300 microclimates and 8 main producing regions, Guatemala is able to offer many diverse varieties of coffees to please every palate.

Aroma Maya sources their coffee’s from two distinct regions in Guatemala and roasts them to a variety of roast levels depending on the specifics of each.

With this in mind, I began designing the packaging. To make sure the information was communicated properly I organized it using a visual hierarchy. The most important information goes at the top and it gets more specific as you continue down the hierarchy. 

New Package Design

Branding Package design Nova Scotia

I wanted the varieties to have a uniform look while also letting the different varieties be easily identified. Here I used color to distinguish them giving each region and blend a specific color highlight. Now the product tells a story as you read down the label. 

The Product Story

Aroma Maya Coffee >> From The Antigua Region >> Roasted To A Medium Roast >> Tasting Full-bodied, Citrusy & Complex

Coffee Package designer Canada

Here you can see the entire selection of labels together.

The outcome

A few months after the redesign I checked in with Sergio to see how things were going. He reported an increase in customer understanding of the product line and more importantly an increase in sales. This is a clear demonstration of how well researched, message-based package design can directly influence sales and grow your business.

If you are interested in a package design, refresh or have questions about design in general I’d love to hear from you. Head over to my contact page and get in touch!


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