Most people don’t get design work done very often, so the process can feel like a bit of a mystery. How does it all work? What exactly are you getting out of the process?
This guide explains my brand design process and shows you step by step what you can expect throughout.


Using a set of creative briefing questions we will find the brand message and values that will guide the design process. We will also identify the competitive advantage or differentiator that helps your business stand out. You can see a sample of my creative brief questions in my post How to Hire a Logo Designer


Hour-long meeting or phone call (depending on location) where we will expand on the information from the creative brief and answer any questions.


Based on the outcome of the creative briefing and phone call, and any existing brand positioning and visual identity, I will create and present between 3-5 logo directions. From these directions, we’ll choose a concept to move forward with and refine into your finished logo!


Once a design direction has been selected you may want to make some changes to it. After gathering your feedback, I’ll work to make those changes. The refined logo will then be resent for further feedback.


Once the logo is finished, a set of working files will be created including files for print and web as well as any specialized formats you may need.


A brand identity guide will be created for the new brand to outline proper use and provide consistency to the visual elements of the brand. This will assist when sending files for promotions, getting things printed, and ensuring the logo and brand are used correctly when featured in media and other publications.

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