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HUB Beverages

HUB Beverages

I draw a lot of inspiration from vintage design. There is a lot to be learned from design created in an era of forced simplicity. Before the advent, and eventual popularization of computers, design decisions had to be weighed more carefully. Because design effects were drawn, rather than applied with the click of a button, they were used a lot more sparingly and usually only where appropriate.

A recent trip to a local antique store turned up a couple of old soda-pop bottles from long-defunct Truro owned soda brands. I decided to pick them up, do a little research and try and preserve them as part of the towns graphic history.

The first bottle that caught my eye was one from HUB Beverages.

A collector on NovaMuse suggests the bottle is from around 1950.

Some Truro locals have suggested the company was run out of the basement of what is now The Pond Tap And Grill in Bible Hill.

Because screen printing on glass is hard, and because it would have been much harder in 1950, it’s difficult to make out much detail in the graphics. The ink bleeds together and leaves the main impressions, but fills in the details. Because the inks used are very thick, a wax rubbing gave a good proportional view of the design, without the ink bleed.

Once I had the rubbings it was easy to scan into the computer. I spent some time in Adobe Illustrator and created what I think is a fairly close re-creation of the original design.

If you know anything more about Hub Beverages, or if you know of a brand from Nova Scotia’s past that deserves a spotlight, please leave a comment! I want to hear from you.

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