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Chapman’s Beverages

Chapman’s Beverages

A couple of weeks ago I did some digging into the historic Truro beverage brand, Hub Beverages. While doing some of that research, a few people mentioned that Chapman’s Beverages was another local soda company from the same era.

I managed to track down a bottle at a local antique store ( thanks Babbling Brook! ) Actually, I found two different bottle designs. One listed Truro N.S. as the location, and the other listed Amherst, N.S. If anyone knows the story behind the two locations leave a comment, I’d love to know.

I liked the design of the Amherst version a little better, so I picked it up. It wasn’t really until I started photographing this bottle that I realized how regal the design is.

A wax rubbing of the raised print helped with proportions, as I got to work re-creating it.

The lettering was a challenge. I spent some time trying to identify the typeface used, but after coming up empty I realized that it was most likely hand lettering. I’m not sure exactly when this was designed, but it would have been designed by hand. Before computers, I’m guessing drawing letters would have been just as easy, or easier, than other methods of setting type.

If you know anything about this brand, or the people involved, please leave a comment here. I’d love to hear some history, or even personal stories about Chapman’s Beverages.

Know of a brand from Nova Scotia’s past that deserves a spotlight? Let me know, I’d love to keep this series going.

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  • Christopher Chapman

    February 22, 2020at6:02 am Reply

    My grandfather was the owner along with his brothers for approx 29 years he passed recently and was the last of his immediate family. His wife my grandma is still alive and has lots of chapmans memorabilia. I have a few bottles still sealed with pop inside

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