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Chapman’s Beverages

A couple of weeks ago I did some digging into the historic Truro beverage brand, Hub Beverages. While doing some of that research, a few people mentioned that Chapman’s Beverages was another local soda company from the same era. I managed to track down a bottle at a

HUB Beverages

I draw a lot of inspiration from vintage design. There is a lot to be learned from design created in an era of forced simplicity. Before the advent, and eventual popularization of computers, design decisions had to be weighed more carefully. Because design effects were drawn,

Branding results ROI

How to Increase Revenue with Branding

Sometimes from the outside branding seems like it's just about the way things look. The truth is it's a lot more than that. When used strategically and with intention, it's one of the most powerful tools there is for growing revenue. Even small investments in branding

Marijuana Branding / Cannabis Packaging

In this article I'm using the Cannabis industry as an example but the information here applies to any business and can get powerful results in any industry! Cannabis is one of the fastest growing new industries. As the industry grows brands have an opportunity to

Crosswalk Design

Redesigning crosswalks would save lives.

We’ve got a problem with crosswalks and it’s at least partially a design problem.  Last night yet another pedestrian was hit and killed by a car in a Halifax crosswalk. The Halifax Examiner first bought this to my attention by consistently covering how often pedestrians are

package design halifax nova scotia

Package Design Case Study – Aroma Maya Coffee

Last year Sergio, the owner of Aroma Maya Coffee, hired me to redesign the packaging for their coffee bags. The current designs did the trick in the beginning but he wanted to make some changes. Sergio had a sense that they could be improved and

Branding agency Halifax

PART 2: Sequence of Cognition

When designing a logo it's important to consider how it will be received by people. Studies have been done into how people’s minds interpret visual design. We can use the information from those studies to design the most effective logos possible. When looking at a logo a person’s

Best Logo Designer

Logo Design Crash Course Part 1 Anatomy of a Logo

When approaching a logo design, there is a lot to know. It’s the core values and fundamental principles of a company, distilled down into a graphic. Logo designs have to look good at almost any size, and hold up in both print and web. I have

Hub Now – Ben Brush Design (Ben Brush: best in branding)

Originally published in Hub Now. By Heather Laura Clarke - August 10, 2017 TRURO – Ben Brush is a Truro artist but you won’t find his name on his work. He’s working behind the scenes to shape the brands behind some of Colchester County’s most successful businesses. “Every

Logo Design Process

Most people don’t get design work done very often, so the process can feel like a bit of a mystery. How does it all work? What exactly are you getting out of the process? This guide explains my brand design process and shows you step by