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Bible Hill Park Signage System Design – Case Study

Bible Hill Park Signage System Design – Case Study

I was selected to design the signage system for the Village of Bible Hill to mark its parks and boundaries. The village had recently undergone a rebranding and they wanted updated signage as part of the roll out of the new brand.

As the designer I was charged with dictating appropriate sizing, designing a system to work across all parks and outlining allowed and prohibited activities for the parks. In addition the signage needed to work in accordance with the new Village of Bible Hill brand standards for color, type and logos.

Bible Hill Nova Scotia Signage

As you see above the first step was to propose signage sizing that worked in accordance with the roadway guidelines depending on the speed limits of near by roadways. Once sizing was approved the designs below were selected from a proposal of design options. Special attention was paid here to visual contrast and lettering size to stay compliant with the roadway signage guidelines.

Bible Hill Parks and recreation signage design
Village of Bible Hill Logo Sign info
Village of Bible Hill Brand

The completed and installed signs can now be seen across the villages nine recreational parks. Parks include The Bible Hill Recreation Park, Airport Park, Holy Well Park, Poplar Drive Park, Farnham Road Park, Meadowland Park, Village Court Park, Armstrong Park, Murdock Park and Teakwood Court Park.

Bible Hill Nova Scotia Park info
Ben Brush Design Bible Hill
Bible Hill Rec Park Nova Scotia
Signage Design Town and Plave branding

If you are in need of design services please contact me. I’d love to hear about your project and there’s no obligation, it’s always free to talk.

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