Hub Now – Ben Brush Design (Ben Brush: best in branding)

Originally published in Hub Now. By Heather Laura Clarke – August 10, 2017 TRURO – Ben Brush is a Truro artist but you won’t find his name on his work. He’s working behind the scenes to shape the brands behind some of Colchester County’s most successful businesses. “Every business has a brand, whether they manage it or not,” explained Brush. “But a good brand is one where you’re controlling the message

Logo Design Process

Most people don’t get design work done very often, so the process can feel like a bit of a mystery. How does it all work? What exactly are you getting out of the process? This guide explains my brand design process and shows you step by step what you can expect throughout. CREATIVE BRIEF Using a set of creative briefing questions we will find the brand message and values that

How to hire a logo designer

So you’re starting a new business, congrats! You’ve got a plan, a product or an idea and you’re ready to rock. I would suggest hiring a professional from the beginning rather than creating a logo yourself and then rebranding down the road. You’re going to be working hard to build an audience and brand equity from the start and that’s much more valuable if you have good long-term visual branding from the